Field Medic recently announced his signing to Run For Cover records for the release of his new album fade into the dawn, which comes out on April 19th. Having already shared the wonderful 'henna tattoo' and this week follows it up with 'used 2 be a romantic', which takes inspiration from Kevin Patrick's real life trials on the road. As he explained to The Fader, this song comes from one particular experience:

"I started off with a number with a huge beat hoping to win their attention but it became clear to me after a few songs in, people just weren’t going to be quiet & listen at all. I'm not the kind of person that feels like people should pay attention to me just because I’m standing there on the stage - I'm more than willing to work for it, but when it becomes obvious that I’m not even going to get that chance it can feel very disheartening. This particular show was a record breaking case of what my friends & I call “clam chatter”. I powered through the set & walked off stage early. Disgruntled, all I wanted was to go have a smoke & get a few drinks in me to forget what just happened, but since I was far from home & tour without a tour manager or merch person I had to put my stuff away & immediately face the fray to go stand around at merch hoping to make some sales to turn the night around in some spiritually meaningless, but financially sound way."

Kevin Patrick immediately wins your affections with the beginning couplet "I need a cigarette/ those fuckers talked over my whole set," and the shit luck doesn't stop there. Through 'used 2 be a romantic' Field Medic relates stresses about having to go sell merch, being unable to see anything in the crowd, thinking his new songs are too depressing to play, grumbling about having to do it all again in another city the next day - it's no wonder he ultimately gives up; "swore that I quit, but I need a drink tonight." All of this is sung in such a winning manner, over welcoming acoustic guitar strums and subtle synth underpinning with an irresistible hook. Within your first couple of listens you're taken right into Patrick's experience, and you'll soon be singing and swaying along with his desperation for a swift drink.

Field Medic's new album fade into the dawn is out April 19th via Run For Cover.

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