FKA twigs made her long awaited return earlier this year with the fragile and breathtaking 'Cellophane', making the last 4 months even harder to sit through twiddling our thumbs, waiting for more news. Now finally we have it: twigs will be releasing her second album MAGDALENE on October 25th.

She has also shared another new track from the record called 'Holy Terrain', a skeletal trip-hop song that makes great use of Future in full sad mode, matching the greying mood of the track. With production credits also for Skrillex and Jack Antonoff, it's a powerhouse lineup, but it's twigs who remains the focal point as she blossoms and stretches in the unearthly light of the beats. Future flits around and drops a few bars, but it's our singer who has us locked, worming and writhing her way through the track that sounds somewhat similar to a Rosalia track, but with London grime covering any continental flair. As on 'Cellophane', twigs sounds vulnerable, singing of giving up her fruits and beseeching someone for praise, asking if she's beautiful. Her wide and captivating emotions are drawn out and expanded in this simply spectacular song.

The video for 'holy terrain', which you can see below, is co-directed by FKA twigs and Nick Walker, and produced by Object & Animal.

FKA twigs' MAGDALENE comes out October 25th through Young Turks (pre-order). She has shared this statement about it:

“I never thought heartbreak could be so all-encompassing.

I never thought that my body could stop working to the point that I couldn’t express myself physically in the ways that I have always loved and found so much solace.

I have always practiced my way into being the best I could be, but I couldn’t do that this time, I was left with no option but to tear every process down.

But the process of making this album has allowed me for the first time, and in the most real way, to find compassion when I have been at my most ungraceful, confused and fractured. I stopped judging myself and at that moment found hope in ‘Magdalene’. To her I am forever grateful”

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