It's been an awfully long wait for some new material from FKA twigs, which was explained by her post last year in which she revealed that she had had to have surgery to remove six fibroid tumours. It is also explained by her determination to create something truly unique and honest. As she puts it: “throughout my life I’ve practiced my way to being the best I could be, it didn’t work this time. I had to tear down every process I'd ever relied on. go deeper. rebuild. start again.”

The headline is that this long struggle and process has yielded an extremely surprising and stunning result in the first new single 'Cellophane'. Gone entirely are the erratic beats and bass that has characterised her work thus far, and instead we are gifted a skeletal piano ballad in which twigs can show off her stunning vocal abilities. The vulnerability is right on the surface, both lyrically and vocally, twigs' fragility immediately apparent from the opening lines and becoming more pronounced as we reach the breathy and pained refrain "why won't you do it for me when all I do is for you?" twigs also injects the song with subtle dashes of stuttering electronics and under-the-breath chanted beats, which only further the glacial grace of her soul as projected in 'Cellophane'.

The accompanying video for 'Cellophane' is also something to behold, featuring twigs showing off impressive pole dancing skills - her strength and dexterity belying the fact that she's been in recovery. The beauty and precision of her moves matches up utterly captivatingly with the ballad itself, rounding out a completely overwhelming return from fka twigs.

Hopefully there will be news of more new music from FKA twigs in the very near future. She has a string of live dates (semi) announced around the world; get information about those by signing up here.

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