Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points hasn't been too quiet since the release of his album 2015 album Elaenia, steadily releasing tracks here and there, up to and including his recent entry into the LateNightTales ouevre. He has today revealed that he's got another pair of new tracks coming out on 12" on July 12th; the new single houses the tracks 'LesAlpx' and 'Coorabell' - and you can hear the A-side online today.

Speaking about his intentions with the new tracks, the producer reveals:

"I started going back to my early records and all the sounds I loved playing at clubs like Fabric and Plastic People. I wanted to capture the immediacy of that music and the feeling that I got when I was on the dancefloor, of being immersed in a track that pulls you along instantly. I actually made these tracks quite quickly, which helped to get rid of any desire to overthink the music – it’s essentially the sound of me having loads of fun with the machines in my studio and going back to basics."

Now, "back to basics" for Shepherd is still quite advanced for others (he is a neuroscientist after all), and while 'LesAlpx' makes no bones about being a four-on-the-floor house banger right from the off, there's still plenty more to it. The central beat is a classic house setup, but all around it Floating Points has corralled shifting layers of synths to give 'LesAlpx' a thrilling texture and flow. The juicy bass takes no time in seeping into your bones, and then the spectral figures painted atop it enliven your muscles to just keep you moving - now to find a dancefloor where this is being played (quite probably when Floating Points rocks up to play an all-dayer at Fabric on July 7th).

The b-side 'Coorabell' will be available on July 12th when the 12" is released (pre-order). He's playing these dates in the near future:

5 Jul - Brussels, BE @ C12 (all night)
6 Jul - Glasgow @ Melting Pot
7 Jul - London @ Fabric (all day)
19 Jul - Barcelona, ES @ Sonar (6-hour set)
21 Jul - Amsterdam, NL @ Festimi Woodstock (all day) SOLD OUT
27 Jul - Apulia, IT @ Polifonic
8 Aug - Norfolk @ Houghton Festival

13 Sep - Lisbon, PT @ Nova Batida
18 Oct - Amsterdam, NL @ ADE

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