There's only a couple of weeks until the release of Flamagra, the long-awaited new album from Flying Lotus, and this week he has truly set alight to the hype with the release of 'More', his collaboration with Anderson .Paak. So far he's taken us from the weirdness of 'Fire Is Coming' to the outright pop of the Little Dragon feature 'Spontaneous' - but 'More' is both the most expansive and most downright cool of tracks to be aired yet.

FlyLo has very successfully teamed with rappers before, but it feels as if he and Paak have found a brilliant middle ground on 'More'. The track starts as a jazzy flutter, Paak floating in as his usual arousing self amidst FlyLo's angelic spread - but things get serious about 50 seconds in when 'More' morphs. Things suddenly take a heavier turn, FlyLo laying out simplistic beats to service Paak's contemplative bars. 'More' then oozes into a luxurious chorus, where FlyLo reminds us of the breadth of his skills, with thick bass, luminous keys and weightless harmonies backing up Paak in full crooner mode. The combination is simply sublime, undoubtedly enlivening the excitement burning around Flamagra.

Flying Lotus' Flamagra is out on May 24th on Warp (pre-order).

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