London-based producer Matthew Greene aka Fort Romeau has just released a new single, 'Pablo' b/w 'Terracotta', with the A-side being a particularly memorable cut.

Fort Romeau's has been known for making heavier and more-purple hewed techno in the past, but 'Pablo' adds opalescent greens and reds to the mix, which dance incessantly around the insatiable beat for the track's extensive running. Over the course of the 9 minutes, Greene's graceful synths revolve like polychromatic satellites around your skull, shrinking and growing with the subtle changes in throttle that keep the track magnetic. Through two shimmering breakdowns, Greene holds us captivated, and rewards our attention with little aural fireworks that reignite your fired up my mind for another few minutes of heavenly escape. Even if I hadn't been dancing the night away on a Barcelona beach all weekend, I still believe that 'Pablo' would be transporting me to a balmy endless-night paradise on a tropical shore, grinning from ear to ear.

Fort Romeau has not released an album since 2016's Insides, but whether he plans to put out a new LP soon, or continue releasing singles, we'll be tuning in.