Frances Quinlan has made a reputation for herself as the blowhorn-chested poet fronting the band Hop Along, but her next project will be a solo one. Technically it's not her first solo record, as Hop Along began life as her solo project Hop Along, Queen Ansleis, but the first under her own name; it's called Likewise and comes out through Saddle Creek on January 31st.

Today she shares 'Rare Thing', the first single from the record and an introduction to some of the new sounds she's using on Likewise; “Working with Joe [Reinhart] on this made me able to better see that the guitar is just one vehicle... there are so many others to explore,” she says.

This is evident from the beginning of 'Rare Thing', where the first thing we hear is an uplifting synth chirp and a nice booming beat. Quinlan's song soon then diverts to a sound more akin to her main band, especially as her vocal and lyrical potency is still on the focal point of the song. Over shuffling drums and woven between plucks of the harp Quinlan sings about familial love, inspired by her newborn niece, and uses it as a prism to re-assess some other close inter-personal relationships. With Quinlan's songwriting there's always plenty of imagery and allegory that you'll still be picking the details from a dozen listens later.

Frances Quinlan's Likewise will be released on January 31st via Saddle Creek. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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