London-based Swedish transplants Francobollo released their debut album Long Live Life last year, and wasting no time they've bounced straight from that into the motions for their second album. With the ludicrously fun 'Hoo Ha', released earlier this year, they showed that they're progressing as songwriters and producers coming into LP2, and today's new offering 'We're Dead' solidifies that.

While it maintains Francobollo's unshakeable vivacity and brightness, the subject of 'We're Dead' is quite dour for the band who named they're debut album Long Live Life. They take on the subject of our brains' gradual enfeeblement at the hands of ubiquitous technology. While our unbreakable reliance on the internet might have seeped into Francobollo's psyche, it still comes out aurally as an infectious and vital pop rock song. Simon Nilsson takes us into his tortured psyche with lines like "everybody knows you're supposed to be online all the time/ staring at the screen is all we need when nothing's on,” but the band's joyously buzzing guitar melodies undermine his cynicism, practically urging him to just look on the bright side and enjoy the sunshine. When it comes to the chorus, "we're dead" is practically sighed, but with a certain mischievous glee to it. As if to fight back and prove that this is a serious problem, Nilsson guides the band into a twisted and tumbling rock refrain, where he gets to spew his real feelings about the future - before they slip back into their carefree melodies once more.

Talking about 'We're Dead', explained: "'We're Dead' is a meditation on the state of the human brain and its qualities in the modern world. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself and my surroundings, but it feels like our brains are slowly dying...We need to feed it with good shit, basically.”

Francobollo are planning to release their second album later this year. Ahead of that they're headlining London's Omeara on May 29th - tickets here. Full dates are below.

29 Omeara, London

01 This Is Not A Love Song Festival, France
07 Northside Festival, Denmark
28 EuropaVox Festival, France

12 Latitude Festival, Southwold

08 Sziget Festival, Hungary
16 Frequency Festival, Austria