Canadian post-hardcore band Fucked Up have announced a new double LP called Dose Your Dreams, due out on October 5th via their new label Merge. Dose Your Dreams is the sequel to their 2011 epic David Comes To Life, as it again follows the travails of their protagonist David.

This time, however, he's going to have some new companions along the way, one of whom is Joyce Tops, a legendary sorcerer and the subject of Dose Your Dreams' lead single 'Raise Your Voice Joyce'. In the story of the song, David encounters Joyce living behnid the dustbins at his work, but her power and kindness is still intact. The song is a 3-minute punk stomper, comprising a muscular guitar onslaught, hooked together with playful synth melodies and Damian Abraham's contemplative and storytelling growl. This comes crashing into the chorus, which chants to the titular character, rousing her from her run-down surroundings with an anthemic cry and a downright grooving sax solo.

You can follow along the story by watching the lyric video for 'Raise Your Voice Joyce' below. But stick around, as another song from Dose Your Dreams called 'Two I's Closed' is also included in the clip - and shows an entirely new and different Fucked Up; one that is mellow, dreamy and hopeful. In conjunction the songs show a new dichotomy in the Fucked Up sound, that suggests an extremely bold album to come in Dose Your Dreams.

Check out all of that below.

Dose Your Dreams comes out through Merge on October 5th. If you want to know more about what it sounds like, here's what Owen Pallett (who contributed string arrangements) has to say:

"I was sent an unfinished version of Dose Your Dreams so that I might contribute string parts. I couldn’t stop listening to the rough mixes I received. A friend asked me how the record was. I replied, “My God, Fucked Up have made their Screamadelica.”

"And psych-rock-groove it is. The drums mixed wide, propensity for drones, for delay pedal, for repetition, groove. The politics and aesthetics of hardcore married to an “open format” approach to genre. Elements of doo-wop, krautrock, groove, digital hardcore."