Gabrielle Herbst works under the musical moniker GABI, and has announced that she will be releasing a new album called Empty Me through Double Double Whammy on October 5th. It follows up her 2015 debut album Sympathy, and sees her shifting musical style; "I was not interested in virtuosity, really. I was drawn to music that had that element of necessity to it. I wanted to find that in myself and strip everything else away," she says.

The new album finds her working with harpist Marilu Donovan and bass clarinetist Mara Mayer, who helped to flesh out the songs and guide her music in a quite different direction. The result, as evidenced on lead single 'Whole With You', is truly stunning. She tells us that 'Whole With You' "has an element of loss to it. A searching for something. It's about coming into yourself and fighting back for yourself. It's come from an intense, personal place, and has been transformed through collaboration. Eric [producer Eric Littmann] and I put the love in."

'Whole With You' begins as a desperate hymnal, GABI's voice delicate and searching, as she softly intones her deep desires; "I wish I could see what we could be." Synths swell and the harp plucks become more insistent, guided by the luminous voice, which crests and falls from moments of pure falsetto into lulls of relinquishment, cushioned by luscious bass clarinet. GABI flutters throughout 'Whole With You', and the delicacy of her voice is offset by the weight of the feeling in the words, which are in turn enriched by the mesmerising instrumentation. At its conclusion the ghost of a feeling seems to linger in the space where 'Whole With You' was just residing; an invisible mesh of emotion that remains spellbinding in the song's absence.

'Whole With You' comes with a Kenna Hynes-directed and René Kladzyk-styled video, which you can watch below.

GABI's new album Empty Me comes out October 5th on Double Double Whammy - pre-order here.