Galcher Lustwerk hails from Cleveland, but has settled into New York City. It's a natural home for his subtle, yet breathless brand of DJ-ing and producing.

Having signed with Ghostly International, his presence only continues to grow. It's well deserved. The world he creates within his at times ambient-like soundscapes along with chilled out raps that verge on spoken world is a unique concoction. In other hands, it could quite possibly be dull, in Lustwerk's it breathes with life.

While sharing plenty in common with his past work, his upcoming Ghostly debut, Information, expands his palette somewhat. Lustwerk explains, "Being from the midwest and with Ghostly putting it out, I think it’s fitting to cull together my most midwest-minded, ‘hookier’ tracks. I wanted to capture a bittersweet quality that I hear in a lot of other Cleveland producers."

Check out the new Dance Mix for 'Cig Angel', along with its video, below, and look out for Information come November 22nd.

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