Unpredictable collective Gang are releasing the Joint LP with their fellow Margate-dwelling buddies Inevitable Daydream next month, the epic new release on their own M8s Records (pre-order here). We brought you Inevitable Daydream's 'Bongwater/Dreadlord' last month, and this week comes the 31-minute flip-side from Gang; 'As Bridgette Bellows From Her Lair/Bernard Becomes The Wicker Chair'.

Thematically similar to the D&D-tinged offering from Inevitable Daydream, Gang also approach their piece as an epic quest, and by the end of the 31 minutes you'll feel as bedraggled and beleaguered as any Knight of the Realm. On the 'Bridgette Bellows From Her Lair' portion, Gang treat us to a rampaging riff-ride of nihilism, where they sing for you to "join us at the Breeding Ground/ If you're full of feeling down." Perhaps unsurprisingly for a place called the "Breeding Ground," the activities therein are the most base physical expressions of humanity - but perhaps that is exactly the cure we all need.

Second portion 'Bernard Becomes The Wicker Chair' is a more patient and unpredictable sequence, taking us through synth-lit caverns and mystical realms. Things get awfully spooky and hallucinogenic as Gang wind their way enticingly towards the song's hearty feast of a finale, inviting us to "cut off your head and regrow your thoughts like a salamander."

You can listen to 'As Bridgette Bellows From Her Lair/Bernard Becomes The Wicker Chair' below, and check out an interview with Gang beneath.

How has being in Margate affected your songwriting and sound?

Vibrating through the Margate air is a hum so subtle and calming. The waters clean the dirtied souls that migrate from large cities. The slow pace of Kent has allowed us the time to self-reflect, self-respect and self-pleasure. In this hedonistic search for pleasure we found home in a 31 minute piece of post-classical music designed to liberate artificial intelligence from their human overlords.

When did you realise you were becoming a prog-ish band that writes epic songs, and how did you cultivate that?

It was once a 3 minute song but prog chose us. What is short must become longer (aubergine emoji).

Do you intend to always tell stories on your songs?

The song is a stage, the listener writes the pantomime.

The "breeding ground" in 'Bridgette' is where everyone goes to forget themselves and fuck each other - is it a savage or loving place?

Perhaps it is a place where people go to fuck themselves and forget each other. It depends on who’s getting fucked, and what kind of fucking is occurring. It’s all intended to be ambiguous. It’s not a specifically savage or loving place to us. The breeding ground is a bespoke mirror image of the listener’s own ideas, fears and desires. Do we define fucking as loving, savage or somewhere in between? Discuss…

Tell us about the title 'Bernard Becomes The Wicker Chair' - why does he turn into that of all things?

It is where he likes to sit.

A band name like Gang and releasing a "single" that's 31-minutes long and full of graphic images aren't typically good ways to get yourself heard - is that something you don't care about?

It hadn’t crossed our minds. People who don’t have the patience can fuck off and the people who do can fuck on ;)

This Joint LP is coming out on your own M8s Records; what's the ethos of the label and what do you hope for it in the future?

To continue to break even and follow in Neil Young’s tyre tracks.


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