Just over a month ago Australian duo Geowulf released 'I See Red', their first new material since their debut album. They've quickly followed it up with news that they'll be releasing a new album called My Resignation in October, and shared a new track called 'He's 31'.

Geowulf singer Star Kendrick discusses 'He's 31', saying "Trying to balance expectations and disappointment seems to have been a bit of a theme the last few years for me. I guess this song is a love song about disappointment. When writing it I felt very raw & upset which I think comes through in the lyrics. Music has always been that space for me; where you can take all your disappointments/expectations and then try to make something of them. Feel pretty lucky to have that.”

The theme of disappointment seems to be a great source of inspiration for Geowulf, but where they were disappointed in themselves on 'I See Red', this time they're pointing the finger elsewhere. "He's all fucked up and 31," Kendrick begins on the song's solemn opening segment. However, Geowulf soon take 'He's 31' down a brighter path, giving melody to their discontent, conjoining bright guitar chords with bubblegum hooks. Kendrick's voice and words are shot through with a note of sadness, but Geowulf add just the right amount of summery instrumentation to back up these thoughts, turning 'He's 31' into a song of perfect bittersweetness.

Geowulf's new album My Resignation will be out in October. They've got these live dates ahead in the UK:

29th July - Brighton - The Prince Albert
30th July - London - O2 Academy Islington
31st July - Birmingham - O2 Academy3 Birmingham
2nd August - Manchester - Night People
4th August - Perranporth - The Watering Hole
5th August - Bristol - Louisiana

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