Arabella Rauch is a German-born artist who was born to musical parents, gaining insights from her German father and Korean mother throughout her childhood. It might be surprising to learn then, that she decided to pursue a career in medicine in Nice, but soon found a deep inner desire to follow a creative path. “I did my first year of medical school and this was what I wanted to do since I was a kid. Somehow I never really saw what was right in front of me the whole time - music. Maybe because my parents are musicians and it was so normal to be in an artistic surrounding. I quickly realized both music and medicine needed a 200% commitment and that was a long-time inner struggle. Music won!"

We're thankful that music was the victor, as the single ‘Burning (For A New Start)’ that she has put out this week under the moniker Josin is a true stunner, and it's just the introduction to her debut album In The Blank Space, which will arrive on January 25th.

'Burning (For A New Start)' shows off Josin's compositional abilities in both melody and production, as right from the off we are treated to spectral walls of synth, layered on top of each other in a ghostly tableau. When Josin's voice comes in, the vulnerability is palpable, and a comparison to Thom Yorke seems unavoidable. Deeper on into the song, and Josin takes us intrepidly through frozen caverns of her soul, blocks of percussion underscoring seasick violins. The song builds into a dramatic and chilling conclusion, where Josin sounds like she's singing gutturally from the deepest part of her soul.

“’Burning (For A New Start)’ is a sarcastic conversation with yourself about the end of the world”, explains Josin. “You know that you are part of the bad but too comfortable to make a change. Like for example everyday habits that have an impact on our environment- we know they’re bad but we don’t quit them. The very consequence of those little lies is a run-down place that can’t be fixed and has to start all over again. Maybe without us. But that‘s not what I wish for of course - I want to draw an extreme picture of conscious self-destruction, hoping for the opposite.”

The video for 'Burning (For A New Start)' was filmed by Marc Neckermann in appropriately frosty places in Norway. Check it out below.

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