Dublin's Girl Band have a new album called The Talkies coming out on September 27th. You might just have calmed down from the juddering thrill of lead single 'Shoulderblades' by now, but they're back with another throbbing missive in 'Going Norway'.

Dara Kiely says: "Going Norway was actually one of the first tracks we finished but the melody actually comes from a track that I wrote about 8 years ago. I saved that melody and brought it up when I didn’t have any ideas left, I was also doing a lot of mindfulness mediation around the time of it, so lyrically I decided not to use any pronouns within Going Norway and the whole album - that came about when I came across this quote from the Buddha which was ’Nothing is to be clung to as I, me or mine’ - and I removed all that in a way to kind of find an abstract world to live in."

Buddhism and mindfulness are not what immediately come to mind when listening to 'Going Norway', as it has its foundations in clattering cymbals and pulsating instrumentation. Kiely is as ever growling and howling over the top of this, leading the charge as Girl Band take the song over sonic hurdles and through aural caverns. This doesn't perturb their momentum, which just keeps tumbling onwards until it sounds like the urban environment is folding in on itself - while Kiely's imagery just keeps spewing outwards, curdling with the band's gnarly interplay until the sudden last-gasp finale.

The video for 'Going Norway' was directed by Bob Gallagher.

Girl Band's The Talkies comes out through Rough Trade on September 27th. They've got these UK/EU dates announced:

Nov 2nd - Manchester - Academy 2
Nov 5th - London - Electric Ballroom
Nov 7th - Brussels – Botanique (Sold Out)
Nov 8th - Utrecht - Le Guess Who? 2019
Nov 12th – Berlin - Bi Nuu
Nov 14th - Paris - La Maroquinerie
Nov 22nd - Dublin - Vicar Street (Sold Out)
Nov 23rd - Dublin - Vicar Street

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