Sweaty Palms are a band from Glasgow who have proven hard to ignore with their early singles 'Queer Fatwa' and 'Captain Of The Rugby Team', and they are smashing themselves into the ears of anyone who hasn't heard them yet with the new song 'Transit Paul' and the announcement of their debut album.

Quit Now is the nihilistic title of their debut LP, and they say it's fueled by “The anger comes from the rampant atmosphere of misogyny in our society…apathy, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms,” and by the desire “to make music that doesn’t address this in some way would feel dishonest and pointless.”

Both of those igniting factors can be heard in 'Transit Paul', a song that begins as a destructively jaunty rocker, and grows rapidly bolder and brasher from there. As singer Robbie Houston brings this titular character into obnoxious life, the guitars seem to be curdling under his presence, giving a warning sneer. The guitar sound soon turns to out and out disgust, imbued by screeching feedback and devilish keyboard lines slashing through the central riff. By the time we reach the end of this sonic furore, Sweaty Palms leave us in little doubt about how little we should feel for 'Transit Paul'.

Quit Nowcomes out through Nice Swan Records on June 8th (pre-order). Sweaty Palms will be touring in the build up to that, before heading home for an album release performance. Catch them at these dates:

8- NEWCASTLE - Arch Sixteen
10- SHEFFIELD - The Washington
11- LIVERPOOL - The Bagelry
12- NEWPORT - Le Pub
13- BRISTOL - The Old England
15- LONDON - Five Bells
16- SOUTHAMPTON - Heartbreakers
18- BRIGHTON - Alt Escape

9 - Glasgow - Stereo