Grand Pax is the North London songwriter who in recent months has sashayed into people's hearts with the gorgeous singles 'Comet' and 'Destroyer'. Both of those tracks will feature on the debut EP, Grand Pax, which comes out this Friday, along with two other new songs 'Phase' and 'Valleys'. Even better news: 'Phase' is available to listen to right now.

As with her previous songs, 'Phase' is a song showing plenty of vulnerability but delivered with heart and strength in Grand Pax's lyrics and quietly confident singing. The production from Josh Crocker matches this, bolstering the skeletal guitar with muscular beats that flex just enough to let you know their potential power, hinting at a bigger stage while not betraying the intimate honesty of the song's creation in Grand Pax's bedroom. In conjunction these elements take us deep into Grand Pax's 'Phase', with images and emotions whirling around your head and leaving you dreamily dazed. As 'Phase' lures you in, the guitar builds in stature, blanketing you in the delicate fuzz of mild confusion that lingers beyond the song's conclusion.

Grand Pax is out this Friday on Blue Flowers (who have previously brought us the likes of Nilüfer Yanya, Puma Blue, Westerman). Follow Grand Pax on Twitter and Instagram.