Great Grandpa recently shared the wonderful 'Mono No Aware' from their upcoming album Four of Arrows, which will be coming out on October 25th. They've now followed it up with the equally impressive and forthright 'Digger'. The track originally takes its name from a dog, as the band's Pat Barker explains:

"I used to have a dog who would get into this intense and almost manic trance when he would dig a hole in the yard. We called him Digger because he just became obsessed with these seemingly pointless pits. Something about his eyes in this state has lingered with and haunted me for years. It felt familiar, human even. Over the years Carrie and I began to liken it, even using the name, to describe ourselves when our mental health was spiraling or/and we were diving into the dangerous game of obsessive existential inquiry/patterns. Written in the wake of a fateful Wildwood Tarot reading following months of creative drought, this song is, like the spaces it explores, messy and without much resolution -- simultaneously a meditation on the process of creation, determinism vs agency and an ode to Philip K Dick's "The Transmigration of Timothy Archer", mental illness, and those in our lives who dug too far. It's safest to never go out in the darkness, but perhaps we'll miss something in the dark."

All of those wild, spiralling and sharp feelings are caught in the maelstrom of rock force that Great Grandpa bring to 'Digger'. Where 'Mono No Aware' was a floating song about empathy, 'Digger' is jagged and emphatic, with main vocalist Alex Menne leading the charge through thrilling peaks and troughs of emotion. The first time it 'Digger' comes to its gut-punch moment Menne yelps "that's why I HATE you," but by the second time around it's modified to "that's why I LOVE you," encapsulating the unpredictability and inconsistency of emotions swirling within them. Seemingly exhausted by the exertions, Great Grandpa divert 'Digger' into a meandering acoustic breath-catching moment, before hammering back in with triumphant force. Again Great Grandpa prove their ability to transmit complex and dense emotions in anthemic and bruising melodies.

Great Grandpa's new album Four of Arrows is out October 25th on Big Scary Monsters.

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