Indie band Great Grandpa are back with a new album called Four of Arrows, which comes out through Big Scary Monsters on October 25th. The album title refers to a card from the Wildwood Tarot deck which symbolises rest and recovery; something that spoke to all of the band members - even though they'd all dispersed to live in various places across America. Nevertheless, this speaks to their unity and desire to work together, which they've gone and done, and we get to hear the first snippet of what they've concocted in new single 'Mono No Aware'.

Lyricist Pat Goodwin says "Inspired by the works of Kazuo Ishiguro, “Mono no Aware” peers into childhood mysteries and loss of innocence to make sense of an elusive present. It is an admission that we, as thinking, feeling beings, are always in a state of beautiful loss.”

It's a profound idea and realisation that they're trying to capture in 'Mono No Aware', and they've managed it by creating a loping, gliding indie rock number that is compactly written but not short of ambition. The feeling of youthfulness is certainly apparent in the song's uplifting lilt, and yet there's also the desperate feeling of time slipping away in the way the song's vaporous synths that slide and bubble beneath Alex Menne's characterful vocals. They dig out drama from seemingly simple thoughts, and it's fully exposed in the light of the musical surroundings - the impermanence of life somehow graspable in this space. When it comes to the culminating central thought "do you feel the same thing that I do?" you can feel their hopefulness and vulnerability in that moment, and the connection between band and listener is complete.

Great Grandpa's new album Four of Arrows is out October 25th on Big Scary Monsters. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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