Gucci Mane may have been in an easygoing mood just a week ago. When he came through with a surprisingly spry and low stakes collaboration with none other than Bruno Mars and Kodak Black, it seemed Gucci may finally have eased into a pop-leaning album.

That was a week ago. He's back with a grudge to settle. 'I'm Not Goin'' boasts a simple, addictive backdrop that offers a sinister mood for Gucci and guest Kevin Gates' bitter posturing (Gucci: "They wanna lock me up like Suge Knight").

As seemingly always, Gates acquits himself well with seeming ease, but this is entirely Gucci's show: "Heard he wrote a novel / Got labels but you can't label him." For an artist so prolific, the Atlanta legend has been taking his time in 2018. Evil Genius seems sure to be a proper event come December 7th.

Check out the track's (literally) fiery video below, and look out for Evil Genius next month.