Kraków Loves Adana is a Hamburg-based duo that have been working together since 2006, and have recently come to the attention of Italians Do It Better figurehead Johnny Jewel, who signed them up for the release of future recordings. The first of these is 'Follow the Voice', which Jewel produced himself.

The hallmarks of a Jewel production and an Italians Do It Better release are immediately apparent in the glistening synth line of 'Follow The Voice', but Deniz Çiçek's voice is strong and clear amid these electronic tides. Up front and passionate, Çiçek's is the focal point of 'Follow The Voice', and we can audibly hear the struggles of overcoming and the weight of the personal battles in her rich and resonant delivery. The production builds around this central figure, aiding the idea that she is a "pained phantom of [her]self", and the sheer humanity of that feeling strikes a place deep within empathetic listeners.

The video for 'Follow The Voice' was shot by Kraków Loves Adana themselves in their home of Hamburg. Check it out below.

Kraków Loves Adana are currently at work on their new album with Johnny Jewel, but you can get a glimpse of their new material at these live dates:

04/10 - Store Vega, Copenhagen DENMARK
05/10 - Berns Salonger, Stockholm SWEDEN
09/10 - Astra Kulturhaus, Berlin GERMANY
12/10 - Praga Centrum, Warsaw POLAND (SOLD OUT)
17/10 - Muffathalle, Munich GERMANY
19/10 - Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, Cologne GERMANY

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