Hana Vu has had quite the 2018. Having broken through into many listeners' hearts and minds with her debut proper (not least of which mine), the LP guised as EP, How Many Times Have You Driven By, she's since enjoyed her first national tour and numerous accolades.

Loathe to let the year simply putter out as it comes to a close, she's offered a cover to close out her banner run.

Not just any cover, either. She had the gall to take on Fleetwood Mac's megasmash, 'Gypsy.'

She's not unaware of the pressure, bluntly offering, "Gypsy is the height of vocal, instrumental, and lyrical intricacy. It is almost forbidding to cover such a monumental track."

Well, we should be thankful she didn't forbid herself, as her take is altogether different from the spellbinding original, while retaining its sense of beauty and mystery.

Check it it below via YouTube or Spotify, pick your poison.