All hail the soundcloud generation. Releasing music through the platform for a couple of years now, Hana Vu is still just 17. We can scarcely imagine the lifestyle - she's based in LA, she was collaborating with Willow Smith by 15 - but the music she makes renders that all noise. 'Cool' is an immediate bop, like an early-morning club-rallier recorded in a bedroom.

Almost out of focus, as numb and addictive as the beat, Vu is nonchalantly confident, guiding you across the icy track, with a deeper voice than you'd expect, somehow, even after a few spins. Guest Satchy adds a bit of warmth in his bitesized, talkative verse, but this is all Hana's show.

Look out for How Many Times Have You Driven By, her first EP to see a proper release, in June.