Hana Vu doesn't slow down. Seemingly determined to capture her growth, but personal and artistic, in real time, she seemingly hasn't stopped recording since last year's excellent debut "EP" (it was an LP in all but name), How Many Times Have You Driven By.

Indeed, she's already back. Today, she's announced a double EP, again teasing us with an LP's worth of material under the guise of a smaller release, with Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway. As its name implies, the release is divided into two halves, each side dedicated to the actress to which it owes its name.

Self-produced, the concise collection displays a new direction for Vu, addressing the confusion and occasional dread that comes with forging out into the world on your own. It goes down less smooth than its predecessor, and is arguably all the more impactful for it.

Check out lead single 'At the Party' below, and stay tuned for more from Hana Vu very soon.

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