We were big fans of Hazel English's 2017 release Just Give In / Never Going Home, so we're delighted to say that the Australia-born, USA-based songwriter has returned today. Looking ahead to her debut album, expected early 2020, she has shared a new single called 'Shaking', that takes her sound to a whole new level.

Speaking on the track, Hazel says: “There is a lot more I am trying to explore under the surface that I hope people notice.... I feel like I’m on this continual journey of figuring out what I truly believe and separating it from the false and toxic ideas I was taught about myself and the world throughout my life. I hope I can inspire others to also search for their inner truth and find their own inner strength in the process.”

'Shaking' takes no time in establishing itself as the most full-sounding song that Hazel English has put out yet, rumbling along with the force of a steam engine, while her thoughts flutter and soar alongside it. From that point, Hazel English only moves upwards, 'Shaking' gaining momentum as more guitars, pianos and - most crucially - passion are added to the fire. By the end of the song, English is singing "get down on your hands and knees/ baby beg for me/ tell me that I am your queen/ baby I'll set you free," grasping the bigger and bolder sound with intoxicating confidence.

Check out the video for 'Shaking' directed by Erin S. Murray below.

Hopefully there'll be concrete news about Hazel English's debut album soon; follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be among the first to know.

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