Hen Ogledd, the musical collective founded by Richard Dawson and harpist Rhodri Davies (with the addition of Dawn Bothwell and Sally Pilkington), have a new album called Mogic coming out through Weird World on November 16th. Having already shared the song 'Problem Child' they today follow it up with the breathtaking 'Sky Burial'.

While Richard Dawson's much-beloved Peasant from last year toiled amidst medieval images and stories, Hen Ogledd's new track seems completely the opposite, as it weighs up the possibility of living infinitely inside the cloud. Their Medieval magical underpinning is still intact through 'Sky Burial' though, as they build the sky-searching track out of earthy instrumentation and Davies' luminous voice. As she sings "I've been looking for you/ I've been searching so long," the guitar winds upwards in a beautiful arc, describing her eternal quest. As 'Sky Burial' proceeds, Hen Ogledd make use of harmonic vocal filters, combined with delicate organ beds to elevate the song to new heights, and again present the breathtaking dichotomy of old-world sounds and speculative future ideas.

Hen Ogledd repeat this trick in the video for 'Sky Burial', which stars themselves playing about with mirrors and modern technology. Have a watch and listen below.

Hen Ogledd's upcoming album Mogic will be out via Weird World on November 16th (pre-order). They've also got some live dates over the next few months:

Thursday 29th November - Star & Shadow, Newcastle
Friday 30th November - Courtyard Theatre, London
Saturday 1st December - Brunswick Club, Bristol
Sunday 2nd December - Chapter Arts, Cardiff
Friday 25th January - Glasgow, Celtic Connections
Saturday 26 January - Manchester, The White Hotel