We here at The 405 were fans of The Wilds, the debut album from Vermont singer songwriter Henry Jamison, and we are very much looking forward to his second album Gloria Duplex, which is due out February 8th. He already shared the album’s opening track ‘Gloria’ last month, a song which he says explores “the ways in which boys in our culture are recruited into a toxic fraternity, by each other, by their fathers.” Today he follows it up with ‘Boys’, a song that approaches this same theme from a different perspective.

Jamison’s sound sits somewhere between Sufjan Stevens and erstwhile touring partner Adrianne Lenker, which is to say that it captures something vital about existence and is full of storytelling composure. In ‘Boys’ he is singing in first person, stirring his emotions, coming tangentially towards discussing the daily struggles and expectations imposed by society purely through his being a young healthy man. “Thought I was drowning in my bed,” he begins, a perfect encapsulation of the unsettled mindset. From there we follow Jamison along the coast of Galway, into a bar where he gets drunk off his ass on bourbon and dreams merry blessings to families and children he has known and loved. There is a strong wistfulness to the entirety of ‘Boys’, but not without some hope in its ascendant bittersweet chorus, snippets of cheering children and plucked violin sparkles - but perhaps those are just visions of love coming to him in his solitude. Overall ‘Boys’ is a pointed song, wrapped up with a gorgeously poignant bow, that will leave you pondering as you hit repeat. Take a listen below.

Henry Jamison's Gloria Duplex comes out February 8th on Akira Records. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.