Hoodlem just makes sense. Her moniker says all you need to know: when a young, white face declares themselves a hoodlum, it's with a mixture of wry humor and desperation, a defense mechanism for whatever vulnerability surely hides beneath. She lets the walls down on 'Teenager', a song whose title is clear in intent as the artist's name.

It's rare than an artist arrives with purpose so instantly, fully apparent, but the song speaks for itself. Capturing the youthful infatuation of a first meeting with a charming someone without grating – no small feat – her wistful longing seeps in and infects the listener with unnerving ease. The woozy, future R&B backdrop is no less curious and addictive. This is one you're likely to have on repeat. Clear your schedule.

Look for her EP of the same name, Teenager, in the spring to satiate whatever addiction forms.