How To Dress Well has revealed the details of his new album; The Anteroom is due out on October 19th through Domino. The album is set to see Tom Krell embarking on his most ambitious and self-discovering voyage yet, as he explains:

"The Anteroom is testament to a two year period in which I felt myself slipping out of the world and into a cosmic loneliness in which I would eventually be dissolved. In order to give myself a way back, I began to try to understand my station as some kind of anteroom – a space between – a chamber that separates the known and the unknown, stable life from total disintegration.”

The first track to be shared from the album is 'Nonkilling 6 | Hunger', a sonically lightweight and body-shifting house track, which is coupled with heavy and thought-provoking lyricism. Krell has set himself a demanding course in the propulsive 'Nonkilling 6 | Hunger', but his voice proves to be just as dextrous as it is beautiful, fluttering around the central thump in angelic wisps. His words (which we'd recommend you read in full right here) are poetic (as he actually quotes Li Young-Lee to begin) and put you into a grey, self-reflective day alongside him, where he seems to be shifting in and out of his skin as he tries to make sense of his place in the world. The beat is ever-changing in shape and tone, like Krell's amorphous moods, but it never lets up, ever pushing onwards like the encroachment of the future. Take a trip through time and space with How To Dress Well by listening to 'Nonkilling 6 | Hunger' below.

How To Dress Well's The Anteroom can be pre-ordered here. He's also announced a slew of live dates:

Oct 15th | London, UK | Corsica Studios
Oct 18th | Amsterdam, Netherlands | s105
Oct 19th | Paris, France | Pop Up Du Label
Oct 20th | Zurich, Switzerland | Stall 6
Oct 22nd | Prague, Czech Republic | Cafe V Lese
Oct 23rd | Berlin, Germany | Silent Green
Oct 24th | Copenhagen, Denmark | Ideal Bar
Oct 25th | Stockholm, Sweden | Under Bron
Oct 26th | Oslo, Norway | Jaeger
Oct 28th | Bergen, Norway | Landmark
Oct 30th | Vilnius, Lithuania | Kablys
Nov 12th | Washington, DC | Union Stage
Nov 13th | Philadelphia, PA | Jonny Brenda’s
Nov 14th | Brooklyn, NY | Good Room
Nov 15th | Boston, MA | Museum of Science
Nov 17th | Montreal, QC | Le Ministère
Nov 18th | Toronto, ON | Velvet Underground
Nov 19th | Detroit, MI | The Schvitz
Nov 20th | Chicago, IL | Sleeping Village
Nov 27th | San Diego, CA | Casbah
Nov 28th | Los Angeles, CA | Lodge Room
Nov 30th | San Francisco, CA | Rickshaw Stop
Dec 1st | Portland, OR | Doug Fir Lounge
Dec 3rd | Vancouver, BC | The Wise Hall & Lounge
Dec 4th | Seattle, WA | Kremwerk