Thy Catafalque are a Hungarian metal band, built around the nucleus of Tamás Kátai, now based in Scotland, who has been putting out music for 20 years now. He has over half a dozen releases under his belt already, and has just announced a new album called Geometria for May 4th. This is worth getting excited about as Kátai continues to push himself into new sonic territories each time out, and the lead single from the new album, 'Szamojéd freskó', proves that he's doing it yet again.

'Szamojéd freskó' is a no-nonsense metal song that burns head-forth to the horizon from its opening seconds to the dying ones. Along the way we're whipped through broad a stream of torrential guitars, thunderous percussion and atmospheric howling, bringing us into a series of sonic plateaus and thrilling lunges in sound. Along the way there are several surprising tuneful twists, without ever losing any momentum, and towards the end they even imbue it with some subtle electronics, twinkling around the central force of the band, adding a delicately luminous air to this scorcher.

Listen to 'Szamojéd freskó' below.

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