Ostensibly a thank you gift for fans to close out the year, Hyuna's sudden return plays more like a course correction. Surely, she has plenty to be grateful for, but she takes the opportunity to get back to business as usual. Long heralded (or hated) for her glee in pushing buttons with her image and strong sexuality, this summer's Following presented a more staid, mature take on the particularly obsessive nature of K-pop fame, but this song finds her right back to flaunting and teasing age old, sexist societal restrictions.

For those unimpressed, you have to appreciate: Korea is a country in which a major star has continually received a major media and public thrashing the entire year for daring to step outside sans bra. The outline of a nipple might as well be a national crime. For Hyuna, expressing her body through music has long been a freeing power, for her, and thousands of women in Korea. 'Lip & Hip' just puts it in name.

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