IAN SWEET is a singer songwriter née Jilian Medford, who has this week announced the release of her second album Crush Crusher on October 26th through Hardly Art. The announcement comes along with the excellent new song and video 'Hiding'.

She tells us that "Hiding is a song I wrote for myself to be reminded to never get consumed with anything to the point of forgetting about my own needs. This song is a projection of a sanctuary in which I feel safe and strong in my own desires. It is something I long for, to be confident in the things that make me, me."

This dichotomy between being hidden and wanting to exert yourself and your ideas on the outside world is perfectly rendered in 'Hiding''s dynamics. This is done as she ranges from the verses, where Ian Sweet is tucked away in her room, thinking idly and distractedly to herself (“This song has a bird in it/ Can’t you see?/ It’s right outside my window/ But I’m not listening"), into the explosive chorus where it all becomes too much for her, and she cathartically declares "I forgot myself in you." With a beautiful smear and squeal to the guitars and an emphatic boom to the percussion all backing up this excoriating message, 'Hiding' is an instant knockout.

Listen to 'Hiding' below, along with the video directed by Alix Spence and starring Ian Sweet herself.

Pre-order Ian Sweet's Crush Crusher from Hardly Art ahead of its October 26th release.