Danish punk apostles Iceage recently announced their re-emergence with the towering single 'Catch It', promising more to come in the near future. Today they have followed up on that promise with the joyous punk rock lightning bolt 'Pain Killer', and revealed that their new album is called Beyondless and is being released on May 4th.

The growth of Iceage is apparent from the opening seconds, as their usual rock gait is flanked by blasting horns as it charges forth. Into this stumbles Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, gurgling and spitting like a drunken dreamer with a romantic heart: "Praying at the altar of your feet/ your saliva is a drug so bittersweet." As the band drags him unrelentingly onwards he's joined by the backing vocals of Sky Ferreira, and together they rise to the aerial chorus of "you became my pain killer," at once their most desperate and most immediate hook to date. The song's fleet footedness perfectly encapsulates the weightlessness of the kind of interpersonal dependency that the song is about, at once thrilling but with the potential to fly off the rails into dangerous and unhealthy territory at a moment's notice. 'Pain Killer' is a high wire act from a band who continue to show their growth and fearlessness as they head into their fourth album.

Listen to 'Pain Killer' below and read more about Beyondless beneath.

Matador will be releasing Iceage's Beyondless on May 4th. One person who has already heard the album is punk legend Richard Hell, who has written an effusive piece 'THE NEW ICEAGE' about the band and the album. As just a sample of the enthusiasm that Hell has for the band and the album, here's a clip (you can read the whole thing here):

"What is it that Iceage in particular brings? A large number of extraordinary things. (Poetry! But more about that later.) The band members were childhood friends, which is always good news. They’re like a small urban gang, faithful to each other, suspicious of outsiders (of which music journalists like me are the most suspect examples). At the same time, they seem mature and competent, which is almost too much to hope for. They not only play and compose well, but the production of their records, from the very beginning, and at the music’s most chaotic, is impeccable. Their presentation is as hardcore anarchic as any, but much better played, mixed, and recorded than most."

Pre-order Beyondless from here.