JFDR is the musical moniker of Jófríður Ákadóttir, who released her first album from the project in 2017. Since then she's been touring a lot, re-working some of those songs with string augmentation, and ultimately working on her next record. The new album is scheduled for 2020, but she's given us a taster of what's to come with new song and video 'Taking A Part Of Me'.

As the title suggests, 'Taking A Part Of Me' sounds like JFDR being emotionally broken down into pieces and then rebuilding - although not the same way as before. The glitchy electronic setting is minimal but cavernous, and we can imagine the various conflicting parts of our singer drifting away from each other, while her core being yearns to pull them back together. It's a captivating and magnetic performance from JFDR, who shows that she has increased her ability to transmit large feelings in compellingly understated movements.

Ahead of the arrival of her new album, JFDR has these live dates planned:

6th-9th November Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik
14th November Konzerthaus, Berlin
17th November World Cultures Festival, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong
30th January St Pancras Old Church, London

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