IDER, the London-based duo of Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick, are burning a path of gloriously powerful new tracks towards their debut album, which is expected early 2019. They released the compassionate 'You've Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby' this past summer, further pushing their shot-from-the-heart pop sound to new depths, as they consoled a hurt friend. On their new track, 'Mirror', they turn the tables, this time taking on the role of the person who is lost and hurt.

The pair explain: “The idea for ‘Mirror’ started with that moment when you get up in the middle of the night to have a wee and you catch yourself in the mirror and for a second, you don’t recognise yourself. We feel like everyone's done that - when you pull weird faces at yourself in the night time light to try and freak yourself out. The song is predominantly about going through a break up and realising that you have attached so much of your identity to that other person that you’re not sure who you are without them.”

Created alongside MyRiot, 'Mirror' begins on a more stripped-back note, where the frayed edges of the vocal can be fully appreciated, and this in turn accentuates the rawness of the feeling that IDER are expressing. Even as the song adds layers, and builds into a colossal chorus, the insecurity is still rife throughout, our protagonist compulsively looking in the mirror, hoping to catch some glimpse of the person they hope is still in there somewhere. 'Mirror' doesn't offer any solutions, but as it continues to build to its grandiose conclusion, IDER hammer home the message that you are not unique in this feeling, and that you and you alone are all you need to define your true self. Take a listen to 'Mirror' below.

IDER's 'Mirror' is out now via Glassnote, who will also be releasing their debut album early next year. Keep an eye on their Facebook for updates.