IDLES have been emphatic in their songs released ahead of new album Joy As An Act Of Resistance, from the muscular 'Colossus' to the anthemic 'Danny Nedelko', and for their third act they're building on that energy in another song with a strong message, 'Samaritans'.

Singer Joe Talbot says of 'Samaritans' "There's been a long line of bullshit that has pushed men into a corner, where simple masking becomes a trope of masculinity and a catalyst for insanity. What we wear, what we eat, what razor we use, high performance chewing gum, go faster shampoo, how we treat women, how we treat ourselves, how we die. I truly believe that masculinity has gone from an evolution of cultural praxis to a disease. I wanted to encourage a conversation about gender roles by writing this song."

As you can see, there are many angles from which to tackle the topic, and IDLES pack them all into this plundering rock blast. While Talbot's words are furious, they're directed at societal misjudgements while simultaneously offering solace to any man who has questioned his "manliness." Talbot gets this across in lines that are both heartbreaking ("this is why you never see your father cry") and hilarious (the ejection of "I kissed a boy and I liked it!!"), but always compelling. The sharpness and weight of the message is projected further by IDLES' bold post-punk, thundering on straightforward riffs, slicing sideways into the verses, deftly dropping volume into a tension-building refrain; 'Samaritans' is only three and a half minutes, but feels twice its length due to the sheer scale and volume of the ideas jammed into it. Check it out below.

IDLES' second album Joy As An Act Of Resistance comes out through Partisan Records on August 31st.