Sarah Tudzin is an LA-based songwriter who releases music under the name illuminati hotties which, while being a great moniker, might suggest that she makes stoner songs for parties - which is demonstrably not the case. Her debut single '(You're Better) Than Ever', released a few weeks ago, established her as an artist to watch, and this week's follow up 'Cuff' makes that all the more clear.

Tudzin describes her sound as "tenderpunk," which could certainly be heard on '(You're Better) Than Ever', and that oxymoronic tag comes into starker focus on 'Cuff'. It starts gently, with soft drum machines and subtle electronics, with Tudzin quietly speak-singing through some hazily regrettable memories: "I've made a lot of friends with couches on the East side/ It takes a troubled type of freedom to drink all night." This is just setting the trap for the fanged chorus, which announces itself with a detonation of hidden guitars and Tudzin spitting “I cuff my t-shirt sleeves/ And grit my teeth/ How else can I tell myself I can do most anything?” 'Cuff' then lapses back into the softness of its verses, with Tudzin inviting "come out and see me on your day off." The gnarly chorus might be a warning of her volatile nature, but there's definitely a compelling personality here that makes this offer seem very appealing. It's one we'll have to follow up on when the album drops in May.

Listen to 'Cuff' below.

illuminati hotties' debut album Kiss Yr Frenemies arrives May 11th via Tiny Engines, and can be pre-ordered here. Follow illuminati hotties on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.