Kelsey Lu is in no hurry to put out new music as soon as possible, but that just means that when she does release a new track the quality is almost guaranteed to be high. This was the case on her last song 'Shades Of Blue', back in April, and the 7 month wait for anything more is certainly made worthwhile when listening to her newest release 'Due West'.

Lu has explained that “‘Due West’” is a continuation of the evolution of self. A continuous questioning of the romanticism of ‘home’ and what we leave behind in order to gain hope in what’s ahead.”

For Americans, heading West inevitably means reaching the promised golden land of California, which is what Lu is dreaming of here (and she's not the only artist in the last week to follow a similar path). 'Due West' is a glittering pop song, anchored by Lu's signature cello, which gets delicately extravagant adornments in the layers of splashy and clicking percussion and a sultry low-end. Helming the song, Lu sounds soulful, dutiful, but eventually defiant; she lifts her gaze to the horizon and decidedly announces that she's heading to California to escape the burdens of her past, to find a new light and a new beginning. Take the transportive trip by listening to Kelsey Lu's 'Due West' below, along with a video directed by Australian filmmakers Cara Stricker and Mindy Le Brock.

There's still no news about what Kelsey Lu might release next, whether it'll be an EP, an album or just sporadic singles. She'll be in the UK in March supporting Oneohtrix Point Never at the Roundhouse, and will hopefully announce some more UK dates around that time.