As she prepares to unleash Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten, her whopping 15-track debut album and film as ionnalee, audiovisual artist Jonna Lee today releases her first duet, ‘Dunes of Sand’, recorded with Jamie from The Irrepressibles.

Lee bonded with the troubadour when the two contributed vocals to Röyksopp’s recent international tours and the track is the fifth single to be lifted from the forthcoming record, following in the footsteps of the much-lauded ‘Samaritan’, ‘Not Human’, ‘Simmer Down’ and ‘Gone’.

Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten evokes thoughts about what drives an artist to be creative where plenty of others fight to stand out. As Lee explained to The 405’s Andrew Darley in their interview last year, she has also had to contend with ill health during the album’s recording process, the effects of which are reflected in some of the songwriting, including the lyrics to ‘Dunes of Sand’. Here Lee sings about being unable to raise her voice (after facing the risk of damage to her vocal cords, as a result of her illness), a motif also alluded to in the single’s artwork.

‘Dunes of Sand’ begins with an enthralling baroque organ sound and swells steadily with the indication that you’re listening to a moving ballad. You’d be wrong to rest on your laurels in that assumption because, once you stick it out until the 3:30 mark, you’re in for a treat with an explosion of beats and synths that compel one to lose oneself to the song’s final minute.

The release is accompanied by a live video recording, below, in which Lee and her iamamiwhoami partner, Claes Bjorklund, perform the song in the very community church where she learned to sing as a child.

‘Dunes of Sand’ is out now on To whom it may concern. Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten is out on 16 February. Watch the trailer for the album and accompanying film HERE.