Irish singer and songwriter Maverick Sabre has revealed that he'll be releasing a new album called When I Wake Up on March 22nd through FAMM. This week he shared the powerful track 'Her Grace', along with its stirring video.

Speaking on the song and the clip, Sabre says "With each of the videos for this album I've wanted to tell strong, emotive stories that carry across the feeling and message of the song. Her Grace is about the unspoken unheard struggles of women that go unnoticed in society and this video feels like a glimpse into an inner battle within that."

'Her Grace' begins on wistful strings and chilling ethereal vocals. Sabre's warming croon soon enters, shortly followed by a four on the floor beat, the propulsion giving him the space to use the full extent of his fierce vocal range to express the injustices that he sees daily. Throughout 'Her Grace' Sabre gets inside the trodden-down psyche of these women, and the strings that hover in the undercurrent further express their wistfulness. It's not all gloomy though, as Sabre's experienced take ensures us that these women have untold depths of strength, which they'll use to overcome whatever life throws at them.

Maverick Sabre's new album When I Wake Up is out March 22nd.