Jessica Pratt is releasing her third album Quiet Signs on February 8th, and today she follows up 'This Time Around' and 'Poly Blue' with one more teaser, 'Aeroplane'. The track is set to be the closer from the album, and sees Pratt taking flight for pastures new.

Jessica Pratt sets the emotional and visible scene in 'Aeroplane' with delicacy: "Reflection of your memory in the window/ And beneath the plane, city lights are twinkling." With her first use of electric guitar on an album she gracefully sketches the gentle lift of the flight, and her whisper-singing voice relays the complicated memories in her mind: "And the roses that you came with/ surely had a thorn or two/ But still this blood runs blue." As a sliver of organ slips in beneath, the emotion hits a peak without Pratt having to exert any more effort, such is the precision of her songwriting. "I don't want to touch down," she sings in the poignant chorus of 'Aeroplane', and we feel the same way, never wanting the song to end.

Following the release of Quiet Signs via City Slang on February 8th, Jessica Pratt will be in the UK for these dates:

21 Mar - Manchester @ YES, Pink Room
22 Mar - Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club
23 Mar - Glasgow @ The Blue Arrow
25 Mar - Brighton @ Brighthelm Church, Auditorium
26 Mar - London @ EartH

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