Up to last year's beautiful third album Glasshouse, Jessie Ware seemed to be moving away from her house-based roots and towards more glistening and overtly pop sensibilities (all of which she can manage with utter style and aplomb) - but this week she brings us bouncing back towards her origins with 'Overtime'. She's been back in the studio with Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar of Bicep and James Ford, working on new material and clearly having a fulfilling time doing it. Speaking about 'Overtime' and what's to come she says:

“'Overtime' is a taste of what’s to come. It’s been really fun being back in the studio and I’m so excited to share this track. I worked on it with some of my favourite producers; James Ford & the guys of Bicep. It feels like I’m going back to my early days; it’s a late night song to flirt too. Whilst I carry on working on new music, I hope you really enjoy this one.”

Driven by the insistent and irresistible beats that has characterised Bicep's dancefloor-dominating tracks, and with the pristine sheen that James Ford always brings, 'Overtime' is an undeniable pop banger. But then at the centre is Ware, shimmying and seductive in her vocals, expertly working with the beat to emphasise its oomph, while giving it an intimate glow. In combination these elements make 'Overtime' absolutely deadly, and ready to be immediately rolled out on the radio, in the club and in the bedroom. Check it out below.

As revealed in the above quote from Jessie, she's hard at work in the studio, so we expect to hear more from her quite soon, so you'll want to leep an eye on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.