Following many years of carefully curating and developing his sound, British producer Jon Hopkins struck gold on his 2013 album Immunity, which was Mercury nominated, named in many albums of the year lists, and has continued to be ever-present in conversations about has and techno since. It's no surprise then that Hopkins has taken his time in creating the follow up, but after 5 long years of waiting Hopkins has finally announced that he will be releasing a new album called Singularity on May 4th through Domino.

As suggested by the title Singularity, the album seems set to be a futuristic sounding album with the ability to transport the listener through weightless solar systems. 'Emerald Rush' is the first such vessel to be released from the album, and manages to take Hopkins' stadium-sized tech-house sound and develop it into something equal parts devilish and beautiful. It's like the aural equivalent of a collapsing star, at once encapsulating destruction, but with an undeniable and life-affirming beauty that you can't pull your eyes from.

Listen to 'Emerald Rush' below.

The unedited version can be heard on Spotify (and other streaming platforms).

Pre-order Singularity ahead of its May 4th release from here. He has also added a bunch of live dates, which can be seen here.