Jorja Smith has returned with her first new music since her debut album, and she's brought Burna Boy along with her. The track, entitled 'Be Honest', couldn't find the two more perfectly balanced.

The song skips with the kind of tropical rhythms that both of these artist have proven themselves adept at before, with Smith's rich voice draping itself over the beats alluringly, "be honest, you want this," - and coolly "I can be heartless." Her natural understanding of tension and release builds the momentum, and sends us into a dizzying spell, like a cloud of weed smoke floating across a green on a sumptuous summer evening. Burna hops in and is equally smooth and soulful, his African twang a naturally mellifluous addition to the song. Jorja then comes back to reclaim the track with her vivacious charms, Burna chipping in intermittently, and you can just imagine the two in a heated moment, the chemistry is so great.

The video for the track was filmed in locations across London, including Rye Lane Market and Peckham Liberal Club with director Amber Grace Johnson and her two close friends Erin and Sandra. Check it out below.

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