LA avant-pop artist Julia Holter is releasing her sweeping fifth album Aviary next Friday (October 26th), and today she follows up 'I Shall Love 2' with another teaser from the record called 'Words I Heard'.

Inspired by poet and writer Etel Adnan, 'Words I Heard' is filled with disparate and hallucinatory imagery that flits from the barbarous to the playful to the loving. Throughout the song, it seems Holter is hovering above a bustling metropolis, elevated by the intricate string arrangements that interweave and augment throughout its 7 minutes. At the the start she is "slurping on words I heard from the wretched zone," but gracefully flits to other areas where she can "hear the hocket babble," and beyond that watches "fools crusade in the hostile fog." Regardless of the imagery, Holter stays equanimous and impassive as a deity, the fluttering instrumentation like the heavenly wings that keep her aloft. Through it all she guides us, until she concludes with the purposeful statement "I love you in the City of Man."

'Words I Heard' also comes with a video by Dicky Bahto, who took up Holter's original inspiration to create the clip, as she explains: “When Julia told me that the title of her album was inspired by Etel Adnan, one of my favorite writers, I felt that I had to make a film for one of the songs on Mount Tamalpais, a recurring subject in both Adnan's visual art and her writing. I filmed on a few hikes down the Dipsea trail, and in the last section of the song combine this with footage made during the studio sessions of the album.”

Watch and listen to 'Words I Heard' below.

Julia Holter's new album Aviary comes out through Domino next Friday, October 26th. Check back in with The 405 for our interview with her all about the record, coming early next week.