We might as well pack it up after this. Cue the Portlandia Pitchfork scene, albeit for pop, because we've come full circle. Blame TWICE. When the leading girl group (K-pop or otherwise, y'all, check those numbers) in the world - already ablaze with show-stopping single after single - decides to up and drop a Jackson 5 cover ('I Want You Back', no damn less), where do you really go from there? The nerve.

What's more, they actually pull it off. Their new version of 'I Want You Back' is every bit as sunny and joyous as the original, and nearly as irresistible. Naturally, finding standout lines for nine members singing in a language most of them don't speak was a challenge (they stick to English here), and things can feel a bit jammed, but that oh-so-perfect K-pop production gloss turns out to suit the Motown vibe just fine.

This is among those rarest of pop curiosities, with some of Korea's brightest current stars having some fun and showing some love for a timeless tune that no doubt had their childhood selves dancing and dreaming of the big time. If we can have half as much fun as they're seeming to, we'll be set. 'I Want You Back' is here to take us there.

TWICE are currently promoting in Japan, and gearing up for a fall tour there. So, if you just so happen to be kicking it in Asia between September 29th and October 17th, well, you know where you should be.