Kadhja Bonet has already been simmering, since the release of her debut, The Visitor. Her approaching sophomore LP, Childqueen, however looks poised to boost her sound to levels yet unheard.

The album art says a lot: she's dashing gleefully through dad rock reference points, and the music here couldn't sound more now, while retaining a playful burst of influences far and wide. Recorded literally across the globe, from Paris to hotel rooms in Barcelona, Bonet left no whim unexplored.

'Mother Maybe' practically trots, and serves as the perfect introduction to the adventurous bliss awaiting.

Listen to the track and check the album's tracklist below, and look out for Childqueen in full come June 8th.

1. Procession

2. Childqueen

3. Another Time Lover

4. Delphine

5. Thoughts Around Tea

6. Joy

7. Wings

8. Mother Maybe

9. Second Wind

10. Nostalgia