Part of a three-song EP, which is rumored to be released as part of a full-fledged album (similar to the roll-out of Denzel Curry’s 2018 TA13OO), BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract has unleashed ARIZONA baby. Featuring songs ‘Joy Ride’ and ‘Big Wheels,’ which was released earlier in the week, the track ‘Georgia’ easily stood above the rest.

As was the case with the other two tracks, Abstract worked alongside a duo of towering producing talents—fellow BROCKHAMPTON-er Romil Hemnani and Jack Antonoff—on 'Georgia,' and it definitely shows.

Opening with delicately aqueous synth, listeners are quickly washed head to toe by a feeling that is appropriately humid. Tied together by sputtering drum sections and Abstract’s distortedly high-pitched vocals, ‘Georgia’ doesn’t veer from Abstract’s work as the frontman of BROCKHAMPTON. Regardless of the resemblance, ‘Georgia’ is a beautiful neo-soul morsel of sobering reflection that contributes to a much larger narrative regarding Abstract’s sexuality and his mental health struggles.

“Houston, Texas, my teachers had weapons / I'd get my ass whipped, I learned my lesson," Abstract sings. “I often question, I often wonder / If I told this class I liked the nigga that sit in the back / How bad would it make me suffer? Agh”

In a statement regarding the three-track EP, Abstracts says, “So many therapists in Hollywood. Maybe I should be spilling my life story to a stranger watching a clock, but I'd rather talk through music. You bring the audience along this journey where you both walk the line of not knowing what's real and what's fake. The duality of the American Dream.”

Check out the official music video (which was also directed by the rapper) for ‘Georgia’ above and keep up with The 405's Tracks of the Day in our 2019 playlist, updated every weekday.