Kim Gordon is a genuine pioneer of alt-rock and other punk-related art forms, yet in her nearly 4 decades of work she has never released a solo album. This will be corrected on October 11th when she will be putting out No Home Record, her first album under her own name. The album process took her back to her roots, writing primarily with guitar, drum machine and taking inspiration for words from magazines. She then took the songs to producer Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen, Yves Tumor, John Cale, Charli XCX) to record at Sphere Ranch in Los Angeles, and thus No Home Record was born.

The 2016 single 'Murdered Out' will be on the album, a song that showed the singular shuddering vision of Gordon - and that gets pushed further on 'Sketch Artist', which is released today. The track begins with mournful brass slithering beneath Gordon's signature drawl, before a pillar of static bass cuts through it. These juddering interruptions form a stilted beat, unsettling yet propulsive, forming the perfect canvas for Gordon's creeping imagery. Gordon lets in some "sunlight" with floating snippets of plucked guitar while she's "dreaming in the day," but the harsh reality of 'Sketch Artist' soon cuts that out, bringing back the bleak backing and driving us back into the darkness.

The video for 'Sketch Artist' was created by Loretta Fahrenholz, and features Kim Gordon as a cab driver for "Unter," driving around LA at night with some malevolent activities in mind.

Kim Gordon's album No Home Record will be released on October 11th through Matador.

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