The boogie keeps getting boogie-r by the boogie for the enigmatic psychedelic septet King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. After releasing ‘Cyboogie’ and ‘Fishing For Fishies’ earlier this year, the Aussie eccentrics have shared a piece of swampy, “blues” rock magnificence in ‘Boogieman Sam.’

I deem this track as blues with caution because no matter how hard they try, King Gizzard’s psych-rock essence always pervades and prevails, and even they would admit to this. According to frontman Stu Mackenzie, the collective “tried to make a blues record...a blues-boogie-shuffle-kinda-thing, but the songs kept fighting it.”

But if this is what a song fighting its creator sounds like, then ‘Boogieman Sam’ has most certainly won this battle. The latest cut from King Gizzard’s forthcoming 14th record feels disgustingly humid yet deliciously groovy, featuring squelching harmonica and a sticky bassline that’ll undoubtedly cause listeners to—wait for it—boogie and eventually morph into their own nightmarish idea of you guessed it—the boogieman.

But by no means does this song creep its way through or go bump in the night. ‘Boogieman Sam’ is an incessant earworm—one that has sprout legs just so that it could dance across a broken down dock near swampy waters, and into listeners’ subconscious.

Check out ‘Boogieman Sam’ above and preorder ‘Fishing for Fishies', out April 26.

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